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It took a little while but as with all things that take time it was well worth the wait! This was one of my more favorite interviews for a lot of reasons. Nicole was not able to make unfortunately…. NO that’s not a reason :) Derrel and I spoke about his 2 books and his upcoming book about the abduction phenomena. He shared with me a lot of his personal first hand knowledge of investigations he has participated in and that he is work on one at this very moment. He also went on to explain the many complex roles that an investigator must play when contacting abductees, researchers or even the media for that matter. We shared ideas on how to counter an ET abduction and how it may even be possible to make it stop al together.


Great show and a lot of great information that h has passed on to the listeners and all those interested in the field of abduction/UFO research. We will be happy to announce his next appearance as this was so good and there is so much to talk about with Derrel that he is a must have to come back on the show in the future.


Do not forget to contact Derrel Sims directly by email, yes he does answer his email, we are proof of that :) , if you are an abductee. He does run a support group and will be happy to have you join it online.



You can check out Derrel, his work, and even check out his 2 books at the links below:

Alien Hunter : His main site

Abduction Support Group : to Find his books and his background information



 Enjoy the Podcast!

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