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Tonight we hit on a few good stories before getting into the Carolina Hauntings, Apparitions and Poltergeist Society aka CHAPS Recording.

First of all I have to warn you all that The recording didn’t get off to the best start so be patient and wait about 30 seconds before you can hear me start talking. As usual when Nicole is not here I had a little technical difficulty in hearing the audio files that were being played as well as any callers. We did have a couple callers this week and I only took one as apart o an experimental I guess you could call it.  I couldn’t hear him live during the show but i gave him 30 seconds of airtime and let whatever happen happen. You don’t get that with many podcasts and for better or worse it happened this week at about 17-18 minutes into the show.

What kind of paranormal news did I doscuss in my solo episode?

Talked about our fantastic show news for the future, Joining the UFO Paranormal Radio Network aka UPRN! The show achives for the network can be found here at  UPRN Archives.

 Sacha Christie and her new theory about Rendlesham and he appearance on The Jerry Pippen show earlier in the night.

MUFON‘s new international director David Macdonald

Nicolas Cage’s vampire photo

The Iceland Lake monster

The Siberian Woolly Mammoth Hoax

The Death of  Whitney Houston

The CHAPS meet-up Re-Play:

Once we got through the News I hit play on an interesting recording of the CHAPS meet-up this month that was presented by Regina, a CHAPS member and crime scene investigator. She shared with us her experience and expertise int he field and how it can relate to GSI: Ghost Scene Investigation. How to take pictures, log the evidence, process the scene, secure the site, collect evidence and archive the data for analysis later after the investigation.  Antoehr must listen for any local investigaiton group looking to make the lap into actual paranormal investigation and not just being another “ghost” hunting group. This i how you start to introduce science into the practice of investigating paranormal/anomalous activity.

Hope you all enjoy this episode, I started of a little ruff solo but it smoothed out quickly and I even got a complement about having a great voice for radio…. and probably a good face for it too.

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Paranormal News and C.H.A.P.S. Replay




Ghost Scene Investigator with Carolina Haunings, Apparitions and Poltergeist Society member Regina R.

Tonight we speak for the first time about the fantastic future on the horizon for the show and for you as the listener!

I will be flying solo this week as Nicole will not be joining me for the first part of the podcast. During the Paranormal News section you can expect me to touch on the changing of the Director of MUFON, the latest Sacha Christie new in her quest for answers in the famous UFO case known as the Rendlesham Forest Incident, the untimely death of Whitney Houston, the Iceland sea serpent and much more!

With any luck we may even get to hear from Sacha Christie herself  after her interview onight on The Jerry Pippen show at 7pm eastern

The C.H.A.P.S Replay tonight will be about the gathering of information during a paranormal investigation by one of our very own talented members of Carolina Hauntings, Apparitions and Poltergeist Society.

Regina R. will be sharing some insight into similarities between  paranormal investigation and crime scene investigation by providing a look into some of the techniques used her field.  Regina’s background in the field of crime scene investigation started her career path in law enforcement at the Pearl Harbor Police Department. In 2003, she moved to the Midwest for graduate school and later received a MS degree in Forensic Science specializing in Investigation.

Currently, she is a Crime Scene Investigator for a law enforcement agency in North Carolina. Since the start of her employment, she has received additional training in crime scene processing, photography, documentation and statement analyses. Over the past three years, she has processed approximately 500 crime scenes. It is her job at every scene to analyze, document, collect and preserve all the evidence whether or not the evidence supports the original theories presented by the witnesses.

Her interest in the paranormal heightened when she lived in Hawaii. Hawaii is a very spiritual place and rich with both ancient Hawaiian and United States history. As an officer, she patrolled several of the areas on Oahu where many of the ghost stories are noted to have occurred. In some cases, she had the opportunity to experience some of them firsthand.


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