Guest: The Mad Martian Gary Leggiere


My name is Gary Leggiere…aka… THE MARS REVEALER! a SERIOUSLY Pissed Off Mars Researcher.

Set Up By DICK (Richard) Hoagland. Want answers, want my show back, want the SECRET NASA VIKING UFO DIARIES FACES OF MARS images from him! WANT VINDICATION, & WANT PAYBACK!!!!!

For the past almost 5 years, I been investigating a documentary series called UFO DIARIES!

In that series there is an episode, number 6, from volume 3, called CYDONIA… DISCOVER THE EARTH MARS CONNECTION.

In that video, you can see much of DICK Hoagland. In that same video, you can also see image data NEVER BEFORE SEEN IN PUBLIC! Secret Images never before publicly seen? YES!

Showing what? OTHER FACES OF MARS! Yes, thats right! Showing OLD YET NEW IMAGE DATA of Mars, from previous Mars mission VIKING ORBITERS! The images showing OTHER FACES than the one we all know & many love to hate & ignore! These OTHER FACES as well shows that the FACE AT CYDONIA, aint mere at all! However I am certain many tricks of LIGHT & SHADOW went on all behind how we got to see & know of the CYDONIA FACE! But NOT THESE! WHY???

Now, Hoagland was presented these images via screenshots from Ufo Diaries I had taken. I presented them at his website conference back in June 1st 2006! His encouragement to ME OR ANYONE ELSE to investigate was given, AFTER addressing to EVERYONE, that he had no recollection of that video, or of who the producers were, nor how he could contact them after so much time. (13 years since the video was made) NO ONE HAD SEEN IT PREVIOUSLY to me bringing it forth to EVERYONES ATTENTION at enterprise 2006!

Now, as also obvious is his non acknowledgement of those images therein that video. he was making excuses, & NOT PERFORMING ANY SCIENCE to INVESTIGATE INTO THEM! So he encouraged us, mainly ME to do… THE SERIOUS LEGWORK! That was his exact words! To get him answers so that HE COULD INVESTIGATE INTO THEM.

So I did do serious legwork! I found him the info he requested, & also interviewd not ONE,… BUT 2, OF THE MAIN PRODUCERS OF THAT SHOW! It was by what THEY SAID TO ME, ON THE RECORD, that gotten DICK Hoagland so upset, & wanted all the more to avoid the issues arisen by me at 1st, & then the issues arisen by the show producers themselves!

He stalled & was trying to bribe me, promise me work & a job with HIM, (which I still have evidence & witnesses to that by the way) & he was constantly telling me to drop this investigation, before I really even started the investigation.

To me, I did what he asked & wanted. The serious legwork to get MORE INFO to him, so that HE CAN INVESTIGATE FOR US!! It makes sense right? He is after all the famous FACE OF MARS GUY, author of Monuments Of Mars, & also being a fact that HE WAS IN THAT SAME VIDEO, & all these years him never seeing or noticing these OTHER FACES IMAGES??????

Then NOT WANT TO INVESTIGATE INTO THEM??? SETING ME & MY FAMILY UP, DESTROYING MY SHOW TO USE ME AS A PAWN TO threaten Noory that Hoagland was on my side, yet really trying to get what he wanted from NOORY. Because Noory not liked Hoagland being on THE MARTIAN REVELATION RADIO SHOW!

So as he was doing this, he was setting me & my family up & we were nearly homeless, lied about giving me that job that was so desperately needed! But why? Well, again, after hearing what the producers had to say on the record, with me!

With comparing that to his LIES & EXCUSES regards to this video, these images, & his connections to these images, & to those behind the program, it is clear he is either lying, or too afraid to answer me, or too afraid to even come on the show & be on the record with them!

He feels it is ok with what he did to me & mine, & what he did to the Martian Revelation Radio Show. he thinks it is ok because he thinks you are all too dumb to think for yourselves to see the truth! because he is holding onto these images for his own agenda, & for his own timing on how he thinks he will show these images, or NOT!

he told me in a fit, DO YOUR OWN WORK WITH MARS GARY!!! GET OFF THIS TRAIN!! I could not be bribed, & I could not & did not by any means STOP INVESTIGATING THIS & DO SOMETHING ELSE INSTEAD!!!

WHO THE F#@K ARE YOU DICK HOAGLAND??????? I know who ya are!!! So did the producers of that Ufo Diaries. You not liked at all what they had to say.

What you did to them on Ufo Diaries,… They warned you in the past to expect to be DIS-COVERED,… & UN-MANNED, in the future regards to this. They did this as you know, by embedding a CODE! DESIGNED & CREATED INSIDE A MASONIC LODGE!!

So as anyone can see, YOU DICK HOAGLAND, ARE THE CONSPIRACY!!! Your NOT out for the truth!!! Your a liar & a fraud & I am NEVR GONNA STOP UNTIL This CODE I DISCOVERED, helps me to STOP & RUIN YOUR 2012 PLANS! As you did to me & mine, you deserve it!



See you tonight at 11pm eastern as we speak with none other than Gary Leggiere and expose one of the biggest frauds in Ufology!

Strap yourselves in for one of the wildest rides of 2012 because when the Mad Martian gets MAD he gets EVEN!

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