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This year give a gift that lasts and that the UFO/Alien enthusiast in your life will appreciate for years to come. Tom Jensen has exactly what you are looking for to stand out this Holiday season, Zetan “Grey” alien life size models and his own line of handmade real wooden toys and desk models.

 Lets start with the Zetan Model:

 Zetan is a unique, high-quality collectors item available in a limited edition of 2012. It is constructed using fibreglass and reinforced with an internal steel armature. The model is hand-painted and finished and will satisfy even the most discerning paranormal collector. The Zetan model stands 137cm or 54” high and weighs approximately 6 kilograms. It is freestanding and has a circular fibreglass base. Each model comes in its own recyclable EBE terrestrial transportation crate (i.e. a very cool printed cardboard box). The Zetan have now landed in Australia, the United Kingdom and continental Europe and will soon be arriving in the Japan, Canada and the USA. Contact us for details or to register your interest or if you’d like to be one of our distributors.

 Be among the first in the world to own one of the limited edition Zetan models.

Detailed product information can be found at Zetan.net

The Zetan Aliens are here in the North Dakota/Minnesota area. Tom has just three units left and is selling them for $638.00 per unit with postage paid.

 Tom can be contacted via email and Facebook if interested in his Zetan models and toys:


  Tom Jensen on Facebook

Tom Jensen and his line of handmade wooden toys and desk models can also be purchased if you are looking for an alternative gift idea. I have one of his trains myself and as you can see from the pictures below it is fantastically detailed and constructed with the idea that a child (in my case a 3 1/2 yr. old boy) will be able to put it through the hardest playtime sessions. Tom builds all his toys custom to the needs of the buyer which is perfect for someone who is looking to add an extra special meaning to a gift for a child that lives near or far and ensure that every time they play with one of Tom’s real wooden toys they always think of you.

Below are some pictures of the train awaiting my son on Christmas morning “The Area 51 Express”:

 As you can see the crane is fully functional, 3 cars and an engine w/ pull string, a saucer car w/classic disc saucer and a passenger car w/ hand painted passengers

1452180_640399892678569_781111013_n 1475919_640399789345246_826867025_n 1469890_640399832678575_142829758_n 1456584_640399842678574_723953128_n 1455900_640399819345243_187982558_n

Zetan Pics:

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Tom Jensen at home in his workshop:


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