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Guest: Author Hoss Lors

Tonight at 9pm eastern on the UFO Paranormal radio network we bring you another instalment of The Mabus/Mind joint project series. Hoss Lors is an author of Skinwalker Shards Linger. Hoss has been all around the world and educated in some of the best school so don’t let the name fool you. He has written down his experiences and released his book in August of 2013 to show a much different side of not only society but life and the mysteries within. If you thought Skinwalkers were something that only a ranch in Utah got to experience then sit tight because you are about to hear how they aren’t so special and localized as some would like you to believe. 

There is alot to Hoss and your going to be one of the first to hear this man and his experiences as he expands on a very interesting and controversial topics.

Hoss Lors Bio:

I am a think outside / act outside the box kinda guy! I have spent my life in pursuit of the essay/speech by Emerson “American Scholar”. My life personifies the theme “experience” that is put forth in this work! I grew up in private schools as a socially inept youngster. While my father wanted me to become a Baptist minister, I knew I was far too cynical. I traipsed off to Bowling Green State University and crashed classes at Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, and William and Mary! I finally landed in Guatemala and taught school and worked on local plumbing projects to help the poor. I jumped to South Korea and taught kindergarten through university ESL (English as a Second Language). I used this as a jumping off point to travel Asia and study culture. I was body-bagged in Korea after a semi hit me on my motorcycle. I finally dropped that 40 pounds along with 19 broken bones and came back to the states. I spent 11 years on the Navajo Reservation (a third world country within a first) teaching school, writing articles for the Navajo Times, and ranching. I saw more UFO/ unexplainable events on the reservation and finally left to return to Montana and write! I love the Navajo people, my students, my good friends – you know who you are! Lodge Grass, Montana – Westwood Ranch was established in the early 1900′s on approximately 19 sections. The Little Big Horn river runs through our backyard and 6 acre lake in front yard! Crow Reservation and still living with Native People!

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