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Open Lines and Paranormal News

Tonight The Mind Cemetery returns LIVE to the airwaves of the UFO Paranormal Radio Network with what may be another interesting listen for those you of fans interested in hearing whats nto being said on most shows that cover UFO’s and the paranormal.  This will be a heavy caller opinion show so dont be shy tonight I want to hear from you!

Call in number 1.504.273.7379

Just to give you a taste of whats to come in the news end of topics to be discussed here are a few topics that will be hit or as I like to say hit in the seat:

Coast to Coast AM has John Oates on 14 years later after he defamed Art Bell, interesting timing huh?

Art Bell returns to late night radio with a new show called Dark Matters on Sirius/XM is coming soon, what are your opinions, hows or wants from a talk radio network?

Singer Rihanna interested in UFO’s?

Ice chunks falling from the skies over NYC

New Robocop film news

Gef the Talking Mongoose: one of my favorite Cryptozoology stories

Shag Harbour incident 46 years later

Tune in tonight at 9pm eastern on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network

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