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On a recent broadcast of The Mind Cemetery I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom and speak to him about his hobby, his craft if you will. Tom is a model builder. He also has a special interest in helping out local less fortunate children by providing them with a rare gift: REAL wooden toys! This sparked my interest even further because my grandfather also shared this hobby of woodworking to the point of having an extensive shop in his garage years ago in Indiana.

Tom has branched out his craft into the very specialized niche market of UFO models. Bringing to life many of the 3D computer model UFO’s that you see on TV. You may think that this would have been done before but NO! It wasn’t until Tom had his own sighting many years ago of a Triangle shaped craft in the skies above Illinois in a now famous case which multiple sightings were confirmed and investigated. This is the inspiration for his branching out to the UFO community with his skills. You could say that he got a huge boost of publicity in the famous MUFON UFO Journal March 2013 as a front page feature article.

Tom works out of Minnesota now; he is a retired Fire Chief from the same area of his Triangle sighting. His very first model was for Halloween. This model is the one that got the attention of local MUFON members. How could it not, it was big enough to park in a 2 car garage and lit up like a Christmas tree. Of course, no all his models are this size. He has many models types of what you and I would consider desk top size of which the following pictures will illustrate.

It is my assertion that Tom Jensen is exactly what any UFO enthusiast, or friend/family of an enthusiast, serious researcher, abductee, speaker or author needs. He can bring to life with a real scale model for anyone to have on the desk or podium for a presentation. Tom makes all models one at a time, special order and you can bet on it he is a perfectionist. If there is one small flaw that he is unhappy with… back to the drawing board. He works in hardwoods and mostly cherry able to give them a natural stain (which I like) or color and electrifies each custom model.

You can contact Tom via email and start your own conversation and special order for your very own UFO or Real Wood toy for the special child in you life for a gift to last a lifetime.


Show Archive: Mind Cemetery 8-5-13


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