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In short, I have been lazy and not doing the post show blogs with al the information about the guest. I have changed from the weekly archival blog concept and will now be doing a monthly archive post of all the shows so not to toss out too much noise and give a nice one stop shop spot for everyone to catch the archives and contact information of the guests.

As always if you can’t wait till a blog is posted then by all means hit the UFO Paranormal Radio Network Archive page and get in on it all as soon as possible after the show is completed.

From most recent to the latest:

Mind Cemetery: 2013 Symposium on Official and Scientific Investigation of UAP (UFO), Good, Kean, Senter, Halt, Passot, Rojas, Talbott

Show information:         NC MUFON Link        Center for UFO Research/2013 Symposium Homepage

Topic: talking about my experiences at the conference, my first conference and how it will be a model for moving forward with conferences.

Mind Cemetery: Open Lines, Paranormal News, Chinese Aliens, UFO Daily Bread Blog, Anya Briggs Super Soldier, Alfred Webre, Reptilians oh my!

Topic:  This episode was an open lines format with a couple of callers and no holds barred commentary about the real nut jobs and cults of personality that have evolved around some people who don’t need or deserve it.

Mind Cemetery: 1st Hour Caller Mike talking experiences with dreams and contact, 2nd hour Don Ray Walton, Hybrid, Grey/Reptilian contactee, Implants and Alien Sex.

Show information:    Examiner Interview w/ Jeffrey Pritchett     The Coming Human Aliens on Amazon.com

Topic:  Dream and what they mean with caller Mike, experiences and then for the last hour we got to here from Don Walton and his interesting story of contact/abduction and military intervention.

Mind Cemetery: Oldest City Paranormal Investigators Lee and Jason along with Cattle Mutilation news, Star Trek and Ironman 3 spoilers!

Show Information:   Oldest City Paranormal Facebook Page

Topic: I found this team online and saw that they are very active every weekend and we talked about their techniques and experiences.

Mind Cemetery: Author Len Kasten discussing his book Secret Journey to Planet Serpo: A True Story of interplanetary Travel

Show Information:     Journey to Planet Serpo on Amazon.com      Facebook Page

Topic: Len Kasten was on and talked about the fantastic story of 12 humans that visited the Ebon home world and lived to tell the tale!

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