The 2013 UFO Symposium in Greensboro,NC Special



2013 Symposium on Official and Scientific Investigation of UAP (UFO)

What a great event filled with amazing and credible speakers that I have certainly not seen in a very, very long time if ever in the UFO community. This was one of the best events to go to if you are a serious investigator, enthusiast, podcaster, blogger, radio host; you name it if it’s about UFO’s and you are interested you should have been there.

What made this such a can’t miss event? Find out tonight as I review and recant the Sunday’ events as I got to meet some of the biggest names and speak with the most accomplished researchers you can imagine from all over the world.

The Saturday Line-up included: Kent Senter (organizer), General Wilfried De Brouwer, Dr. Richard Haines, Leslie Kean, Jose Lay, Dr. Alexander Wendt

The Sunday Line-up (which I was present for): Colonel Charles Halt, Xavier Passot, Dr. Ron Westrum, Timothy Good, Nancy Talbott

Met some great people and got to listen in on an interview done by Mark of Podcast UFO with a man who was in attendance that used to work on top-secret projects and for NASA, pictures of an interview done by Alejandro Rojas of and more!

That is just the tip of the iceberg, plenty of stories to share and pictures to post on our Facebook page and if you are a follower on Twitter then you got live updates all day.

Check out the 2013 Symposium homepage and get acquainted with the names and faces of who I will be talking about.

Tune in tonight at 9pm eastern on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network for 2 hours

Be sure to get into the Paltalk chatroom for this one, pictures will be shared and referenced so do not miss out!

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