Open Lines Tonight!



Open Lines Night

Tonight at 9pm on the Mind Cemetery I will be hosting a rare event, Open Lines. It will be an interesting venture into getting the pulse of the listeners of the Mind Cemetery and what interests them most these days. I will also be open to any caller questions that may arise about me, my experiences and opinions.

No topic is off the table tonight so, come with your best story of contact with the paranormal, UFO’s, aliens, Bigfoot, conspiracies and anything else that you find weird and interesting that normally you don’t get to talk about at home.

No callers will be screened and you can give any name you wish to be identified as.

Be ready for questions from myself and the Paltalk Chatroom as this will not be a free pass to say anything without opposition. On the contrary, if you are especially off the rails on your own crazy train then I hope you have thick skin.

9pm Eastern for 2 full hours on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network

Phone# 504.273.7379

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