Archive: Why so Sirius?



Archive: Why so Sirius?

This past Monday I had to call another audible and keep the drive alive. Our guest Don Walton did not pick up his phone on time and during the first hour Joe attempted to contact him a couple of times to no avail.  So, what did I decide to talk about for an hour? None other than one of my favorite jokers in the ufology field and with any luck a few of yours as well the always interesting Dr. Steven Greer.

His lasted monstrosity to be introduced into the swamp that is ufology a “documentary” called Sirius. I was able to watch it for free and hopefully if you decide to waste your time and watch this pile of crap you wont have to pay or it either. I gave my opinion and what I thought of it as a whole as well as the highly touted discovery and analysis of “Ata” the petrified fetus he pawns off as an extraterestrial.

The day after the release of the film you got to hear Greer, Paola Harris and Dr. Nolan on Coast to Coast AM. I have nothing positive to say about Paola, nothing. She siddles up to people like Greer and Hoagland so that should tell you where I stand with her and if you have functioning grey matter you should come close to the same conclusion. She gets all kind o lovely support from people who work with her but let’s be honest here, it’s a popularity contest and no one wants to be the one that “attacks” a woman in ufology… god forbid right? Dr. Nolan went on Coast and said for himself that it is and I quote “very very very very likely human”. This is the man who did the DNA research by the way. But, Greer went on to insist that it’s an anomaly and we don’t know where it cam from or how it got here wink, wink.

Anyway my commentary is colorful as usual and a fun listen on top of that as we walked through the train wreck that is Sirius and the subsequent whitewashing of its reception as a success, laughable spin control at its best.

Archive for the show is HERE

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