Archive: Guest Thomas Fusco 2.0


Archive: Thomas Fusco 2.0

In the beginning of this episode you get to hear my opinion of the citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure that wrapped up last week. I also gave my 2 cents about Steven Bassett, Steven Greer, Lind Moulton Howe, John Burroughs, Jim Penniston, Paola Harris and all the other “researchers” that were trotted out and put up before a committee that was bought and paid for to sit and listen to a circus sideshow. See, that’s the version of disclosure that Bassett and Greer want you to believe in, support and even tout them as hero’s of all things! This is laughable to you me and anyone else with a working brain of course. This whole stunt, sideshow is nothing more that a publicity stunt for the greater good of the wallets of known scam artists.

One of the worst things has been the use of an elderly man’s testimony about how he was at S4/Area 51. How he saw UFO’s and even got to visit with a Grey alien that was alive. NOTHING that this man had to say was new! but to have the rest of ufology tell I he was the second coming of E.T.! You know, the one with the glowing finger. It’s a shame really, I too was excited to hear new information. But, alas all we heard was the rehashing of the Bob Lazar story.

Now on to the good stuff: Thomas Fusco

During his return trip we discussed the ideas and theories that he presents in his thought-provoking book titled Behind the Cosmic Veil: A New Vision of Reality Merging Science, the Spiritual and the Supernatural. Take the time to listen to this episode and you may have to do it a few times to fully understand a lot of what Tom had to say and try to relate to the listeners. It really is all about supergeometry, gravity manipulation and a few other things when it comes to attempting to explain paranormal activity and the UFO phenomena.

I’m not talking about an explanation for what it all is but more so about how it all happens.

How does a spirit/ghost materialize and what exactly are you looking at when it does?

How does that UFO get here?

What do people really mean when they say interdemensional?

All very interesting and what should be the root of the investigative process into all things unexplained.

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