Archive: Chip Returns and it gets weird!



 Archive: Chip Returns Talking UFO Confrence’s, Dr. Steven Greer, James Randi, Abductions, Jason ICAR Director for the USA calls in and it gets weird!

 Well it doesn’t get any more simple than that. The tittle is what it is. Of course we get into a few of the conferences un Arizona and one coming up in Florida. The James Randi male prostitute solicitation tape…. or was it? I found out that it may not be what it seems and that it could actually be a clever plot! When It comes to Greer… well we talked about how he’s a joke and begged for more money after he got all the money he wanted on kickstarter for his movie about god knows what. Scam anyone much?

The DIrector for ICAR in the United States called in! Jason is a regular listener and we talked a bit about abductions, interview techniques. I keep telling my own experiences to people who investigate this sort of subject to see if I’m full of crap or what, either way every time I come closer to an answer and it’s worse than knowing that I’m crazy.  At that can be fixed by medication or a lobotomy right? LOL

 So, in closing we had a blast I was on solo and it went well. We rescheduled Oldest City Paranormal for 5-20-13, updated the calendar and all will be well soon.

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