A Brief Update



This weeks episode of The Mind Cemetery was rescheduled to 3-18-13. Guest, Dr. Rita Louise was very understanding and has been wonderful enough to reschedule her appearance.

The calender on the website has been updated to reflect the recent changes and additions to the line up int he coming months. Stop by and click through real fast and see who we have coming on.

The Mind Cemetery will return LIVE! next Monday 2-11-13 at 9pm eastern on the UFO Paranormal radio network with a fascinating person that has insight on a lot of subjects including Mothman, Men in Black, Aliens, UFO’s Paranormal activity and of course we will hit  our favorite punching bag this year as always: Loren Coleman.

ANDY COLVIN will drop by for 2 hours and drop some juicy insider information on all of those subjects and more!

Thank you and as always, see you next Monday!


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