Tonights Episode: Welcome to 2013

Welcome to the Future!

Glad you all made it through the holiday’s and of course the dreaded end of the world on 12-21-12. So, lets start out nice and fast and get into a whole slew of stories and events that have poped up through the holiday season. Seems like overall, nothing has changed. The future and the bast is all the same in the aspect that it’s still filled with interesting people, places and things.

Tonight we cover a pretty broad spectrum of topics and of course talk about the big one outlined in my blog post that focuses on the recent statements and posts by Crypo-hero Loren Coleman.  Now, as stated before I will be rolling out a couple more blogs covering Loren which I will discuss on tonights show. So, hold your horses and see where this is going. I am doing it in 3 parts to not overload the reader, we all know we don’t like reading long winded rats so I bring to you the gift of the short winded rant.

Other topics will include:

Filip Coppens passing

The ParaTard Award Flap

Kurt W. Kesler comments on Facebook about investigating in Connecticut

 The bombardment with Ghost Adventurers over the weekend

A new word was created let it go forth and multiply!

And of course much, much more!

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