Archive: Bridget Nielsen 2.0


Archive: Bridget Nielsen 2.0

We finally got it right this time ….. sort of :) We happily brought back one of the most popular guests to the Mind Cemetery this past Monday and it looks like the archive is up and with no technical problems whatsoever so everyone can catch her this time if they missed her live. We started the interview approx. 25 minutes into the archive so if no one wants to hear the witty or witless banter that Nicole and I engaged in then feel free to skip right over to Bridget, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

The first 25 minutes we discussed the recent document released by Ken Kesler, a former guest, that had to do with the Sandy Hook shooting and how it was planned by the NRA. Pure hogwash and disgusting to say the least, a piece of fiction that helps vault him into the Mind Cemetery Hall of Shame.

Then I shared some words that I was able to find via our pal Jeffery Pritchett on Facebook about the last moments of Philip Coppens life. As you all know Philip died quickly after battling a rare form a cancer. His wife Kathleen McGowan, posted on 08 January 2013. I read it for the audience and it is something not to be missed if you liked Philip and care to honor his wishes for all of his fans.

Bridget joined us for about an hour and a half worth of conversation that was informative and even delved into areas of the starseed and alien hybrid conversation that have not been asked before! With the help of Facebook friend Melanie Trinda that jut so happened to post a few questions on her timeline in relation to Hybrids I was able to relay the questions to Bridget and hopefully get some clarification for her. We talked about how many hybrid children she may have, her alien mentor Bashar, her recent trip to a horse ranch and her up coming trip to Hawaii and why. We also talked about her artwork that you can check out for yourselves and see where it will be on display. Speaking of artwork we talked about her use of art and painting in her clients readings and intuitive work.

This young woman is simply amazing to listen to and has so much to offer not only the UFO community but for anyone interested in art and intuitives, meditation and raising there conscious awareness for the ET contact that is coming!

Below you can find a pretty comprehensive list of places you can locate Bridget and her LARGE footprint on the Internet! Which by the way is the only place any woman would want to be told they have a large footprint so we safe! :)

Bridget Nielsen on the Web:  For information on her art and contact

Bridget Nielsen Art Page on Facebook 

Hybrid Children Community (Human/ET) Facebook Group with great Hybrid Information!

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A sample of on of the many colorful and amazing pieces from Bridget Nielsen:


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