The Last Live Show Ever!


Year In Review 2012

Tonight we have our second year in review show as we call it quits for 2012. This year brought in a lot of changes for the Mind Cemetery and for us personally. We will cover our best and worst of the year, our favorite guests and our least favorite ones.  For the most part we try to keep our disappointments and displeasure with guests private but in the spirit of Festivus we will air our grievances tonight.

This God awful picture comes to us courtesy of the San Antonio chapter of MUFON if anyone was wondering. I went out and tried to find a really shitty and tacky picture: Mission Accomplished!

Open Lines all night, special guest Psychic/Medium Chris George will pop in for an hour or so to shoot the breeze and take callers questions.

We will also talk about how to survive 12-21-12 with a special segment called Nicole eats an MRE and loads a shotgun for the first time.

You can join us LIVE at 9pm Eastern exclusively on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network

Call in all night at: 504.273.7379

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