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Making his triumphant return to the Mind Cemetery: Michael Gourley! This will be the second time Michael will be joining us and the first time on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network. He is a great guy and Psychic/Medium for anyone interested in calling up in the second hour. If it’s any difference to anyone this man is the ONLY Psychic/Medium Nicole will fully endorse and support. WOW! now hats saying something if you are a regular listener, or irregular you will learn quickly that doesn’t happen a lot…. or ever.

Chck out Micheal at his website

Short excerpt Bio from his website:

At a young age I never really thought I was different, since psychic abilities weren’t a stranger to my family. So, when I started school my mother wasn’t surprised when she saw my drawings. When I would draw pictures, I would always shade a yellow light around the person or object. I can remember when a teacher asked, why I always included a shadow around everything. I remember telling her, “because everything has a light around them”. I thought those bright lights around everyone (which later I found out were “auras“) were what everyone saw. I just figured everyone experienced the same things that I did on a day to day basis.  So, when I asked my mother why the teacher asked me that,  my mother explained to me I was different and that I had a gift. The next few years my mother helped encourage and develop my skills to what they are today. She knew that I was going to need all the support that she could give. So she bought me books on every subject she thought would help me have a better understanding about my gift. We  also played what we called the “color game”. She would think of a color and she would send it to me through her mind. I always knew the correct color. The “Knowing Gift” was just as normal to me as anything else and it became apart of me and my everyday life as a child.

Do take yourself to his website and check out what services he may be able to help you with. Michael is in the Chicago area so check him out locally as well if you can.

Call in LIVE! Monday night in the second hour at 10pm and see if Michael can be of assistance:


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