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Archive: Michael Gourley Psychic/Medium

I cannot express enough how fantastic, and spot on Michael was with not only myself but every caller that came on the show. No front loading, no leading him…. NOTHING! If you don’t believe in anything that anyone claims as a Psychic or Medium listen to this episode, open your mind and prepare to have your opinion changed for the better.

This was the second time we were lucky enough to have Michael join us and as he did the first time he impressed us and didn’t really have to try. As many of you know Nicole does not believe in most if not any of the topics we cover or guests we have on. This man is different, he is not a fraud or phony. After his first show he had Nicole convinced that this guy is for real and she sits and wonders why cant the other psychic and mediums be just like him and then she gets it: They simply can’t be him. They for the most part do not have the gift that he does.

Michael did 3 caller readings, one was with a woman I work with and again without knowing anything about her or even me knowing if she would call in for sure or not he managed to touch on some very important things for her.  The last reading he did for me. He was able to contact my recently deceased grandfather. How do I know this for sure? Because after all its all just a scam right? Well lets just say you need to listen to at least the last 30 minutes of the show and listen to my genuine bewilderment as to what he was talking about and how it took Nicole to tell me for me to understand. Again, no front loading was done and besides that fact, how the hell can anyone explain that he knew something that I didn’t even know for gods sake!?!

Let me make this perfectly clear: If he ever needs Nicole or I to help come to his aid because of someone attacking his credibility then he will forever have 2 very supportive friends in his corner and at his disposal.

All will be clear once you listen and learn and enjoy a great episode with a great Psychic/Medium

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