A Tribute to Philip Coppens


“Ancient Knowledge Will Give Us a Future”       Philip Coppens


Yesterday took a crazy twist for me. So, an amazing researcher you can see on Ancient Aliens, Filip Coppens died due to a rare form of cancer (angio sarcoma, effects about 200 people a year in the US) today after a surgery. I just got lucky and was able to be one of his last interviews on my show the Mind Cemetery. You know he is pretty big and popular, a rock star no doubt, legend and could of told me no that he was busy or that I was a nobody but he didn’t. His last blog he posted was on 12-16-12 and he just was on Facebook the day before his death. Here are a couple things from his last blog that are so true it isn’t funny and I learned these things myself the past 2 years.

“I was – am – faced with the fact that for me, this diagnosis, signaled a tremendous wake-up call. For one, that no-one truly takes each day as precious as one should. But also that I realized that somehow, what I am learning at this very moment in time – including the bridge between the mental and medical levels of therapies – are offering me insights- very deep and powerful insights.” – Philip Coppens

His Motto:

“Ancient Knowledge Will Give Us a Future” Philip Coppens

Well, there it is. Take it or leave it. It’s hard to live everyday like it’s your last but you can do it. I may be reckless, overwhelming or passionate depending on your opinion of me but, fuck it. If I can’t be any of those things while I’m able then WHAT’S THE POINT?

Buy any and all his books on Amazon.com

Read his blog http://philipcoppens.blogspot.com/

Visit his website http://www.philipcoppens.com/

The Mind Cemetery interview with Philip http://paranormalradionetwork.org/2012/10/29/the-mind-cemetery-guest-author-philip-coppens-the-lost-civilizarion-enigma.aspx

Listen tonight on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network at 9pm eastern as we re-play this interview with Philip in what was one of his last. Didn’t know it at the time or even know he had cancer so you get to hear him at his normal upbeat and jovial self talking about what he loves and made his passion a reality.

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