Archive: Philip Coppens

Archive: Philip Coppens

 This week we had a great opportunity come out way on The Mind Cemetery. We had a great conversation with a great guy and researcher into the ancient world.  Philip Coppens joined us for 2 hours on Monday 10-29-12 for 2 hours and we did a bulk of our conversation talking about his latest book Th Lost Civilization Enigma.

Philip was smack in the middle of a 3 day 6 interview tour between radio, podcasts and even a sneak peek into a new interview for the latest season of Ancient Aliens! Look for that to hit the television on the History Channel in the near future. Well, being in the middle of a 6 interview run has its own pitfalls and having a guest as fun and informative as Philip on made for a challenge that Chip was up for and meet head on!

So, what did we talk about to break up the mundane and ordinary conversations that would go on during a grueling interview schedule such as his this week? That’s simple ask the man about himself and dive as deep as he would allow us to pry into his life of course!

I talked about his own radio show and what passions drove him to be the researcher, host and TV personality he is today. We talked about our mutual loathing for academia and the sick yearning that the paranormal/UFO researcher has for sweet lady science’s acceptance. The need for more and more bold researchers to break the mold and touch the subjects that lesser men and woman wouldn’t dare look deeper into. I asked him about Atlantis, Bosnian Pyramids and how a lot of ancient artwork depicted stars and systems just like in the movie Prometheus. I even teased the listener to look further into his theory that most of the copper from the bronze age came from north america and the ancient global trade that went on and is begin suppressed by conventional rational.

It truly was a great conversation with a great guy willing to go deeper than most of his past interviews into a great amount of topics to do with him, views of the community, thoughts on academia and of course his latest work that was released not too long ago The Lost Civilization Enigma.

You can listen to the entire episode right HERE on the UFO Paranormal Radio Network Archive site

Learn More about Philip Coppens at these great sites:


The Spirit Revolution is his radio show you can find every week

Philip Coppens on Facebook  “LIKE” his page!

Buy his books on or any brick and mortar bookstore near you, just get there before they become apart of a lost civilization all there own!

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