The Dragon Family Lawsuit: One Trillion Dollars


Enter the Dragon Family 

A very nasty looking lawsuit has surfaced online and in November of 2011. The origins of the lawsuit are based on a very intriguing story line that goes back decades and possibly longer.

What is behind the lawsuit is what happened back in 2009 in that  145.5 billion dollars in U.S. Federal Reserve notes were seized during a border crossing into Switzerland from Italy.  There were 2 Japanese men carrying these documents and after that there story went away from the public eye.  People were told by the press that the documents were frauds and that they were certain they were, the men were taken into custody and that was all that was heard of it. Fast forward to November 2011 where a lawsuit was filed in the state of New York district court. The lawsuit stated that the documents were taken from the rightful owner.  A representative for the rightful owners by the name of Neil Keenan filed a lawsuit stating that the documents were stolen from the owners. He asked a law firm by the name of Mulligan, Bleakley, Platt and Schmidt LLP to represent the Asian organization by the name of The Dragon Family.

Enter radio host David Wilcock and his expose on the entire story. This has led Wilcock to getting death threats for even talking about it in public. David went into detail about how the gold was acquired from the Chinese. What happened was during the buildup to WWII China decided to take proactive measured to prevent the Japanese forces from taking the gold as Hitler did in Eastern Europe when he took over there. So, they contacted the United States and had 7 Navy Destroyers loaded up and shipped the gold over to the United States. In return the Federal Reserve issued approx. 145.5 billion dollars in bonds to the Chinese ruling family/government at the time.  Basically, the bonds ended up in the hands of The Dragon Family. The bonds were to mature in 50 years.  So, when the family decided to cash in the bonds in 2009 they had them taken from them while going through customs. Where does the Trillion dollar lawsuit come from? Interest my friends, after 70 years of interest on 145.5 Billion dollars adds up quickly.

Once the attempt was made to redeem the bonds the jig was up so to speak. Only the original holders of the bonds knew exactly how to redeem them. Complicating it more is that the bonds that were issued were made to look fraudulent and in turn making it even more difficult to redeem.  Some people are even speculating that Neal Keenan himself is a part of the CIA. Where did that gold go? Is it in Fort Knox? Was there even any gold to begin with that was taken from China? Who else wants to own that gold? One other organization that is laying claim to the missing gold is the Office of International Treasury Control.

More questions than answers at this point and that’s what makes this a great mystery. 

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  • frdmfytr

    Oh yeah! I have been following this since I first heard of the arrests. I have researched extensively into the allegations and parties involved and i can tell you right now. Neil Keenan is not some frivolous filing crackpot. He is attorney for Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP. William Mulligan is a partner at Bleakley, Platt and Schmidt LLP, and highly respected attorney.

    These are not some second rate offices. Both are very prestigious law firms with extensive experience in complex matters. They are firms you hire for serious battle and litigation wars. When you have a lawsuit involving trillions of dollars against key figures, leaders, and officials that will uncover corruption, fraud, and terrorism against the whole world, you better have lots of evidence to back your allegations before you even think of visiting the arena.

    And I can assure you these people don’t have empty clips. People involved are shitting bricks over this and an attempt on Keenan’s life has already been made. I hope truth prevails and judgement handed down in the unholiest of wrath’s. Everyone needs to know and pay attention to this so nothing can just go away because crimes will be revealed and the REAL terrorists exposed.

    • frdmfytr

      Oddly enough it seems information keeps surfacing confirming peoples stories and warnings like that of V.K. Durrahm, who many claim as nutcase conspiracy theories.

      The dots just continue to connect…. guess V.K. isn’t the nutcase all they tried to make her out to be after all.

      I hope people collect and compare the info and put it all together..

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