Notre Dame game UFO sighting


This past Saturday it has  come out that not only does Touchdown Jesus signal a Notre Dame score but it looks like he also is a beacon for UFO’s. Directing them in the air over the great city of South Bend Indiana, while helping the golden domers through another tough coaching transition. On a serious note, It does look like on the live broadcast feed that NBC sports produced was a small white cylindrical shaped object moving fast and at very interesting angles. I looks as if the object is moving from the left to the right of the screen. As the object nears a dark cloud you can see it clearly turn upwards and in a very fluid smooth motion do a kind of roll upwards. At the time of this recording and broadcast the Notre Dame Fighting Irish were on a rain delay as a pretty active and lightning heavy storm passed over the stadium. For safety purposes the game was delayed, giving he broadcast team the opportunity to fill time during a rare stop in-game play for any level football game. Not a word of what was shown on the air was mentioned by the color commentators and no one at NBC sports has made a public comment on what looks to be a UFO. Below you can see the video via YouTube.

Keep in mind, I am not calling this an alien craft or a spaceship piloted by aliens but what it is, a UFO.

As a reminder a UFO is defined as a:





Here is the video shot of the recording on 9-3-11 during the rain delay of the Notre Dame vs. South Florida game.



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