Zeta Reticula Alien Video from Roswell UFO Crash: Debunked

So there’s been this video published by AllNewsWeb.  The story behind it goes that the source, of course acting anonymously, leaked it onto Youtube.  It allegedly shows footage from government archives (a collection of clips) and implies that there is much more where this came from!

I have never seen such crap in my life.

The creator slapped some typewriter-like font onto a video, applied an old time movie effect like this one (with decreased brightness).

Why would the video contain “a sample edited fragments of video tape 05?”  Why not establish some context for the video?  Some background… something more than looking up and down at an alien?

I am also a bit reluctant on the wording.  The exact text of the entire video goes like this:


Filtrate for declassification and dissemination through the Internet and media.  7 video tapes with material recorded between 1942-1969.  Material containing UFO incidents, recovery and study of extraterrestrial life forms.

Due to the importance of these documents, maintain the anonymity of the sources.

The video contains a sample edited fragments of video tape 05.
Tape duration:  180 min.
Total recorded duration:  1.260 min.

Tape 05 edited fragments:
Case 25/skinny Bob 00:08:42 – 00:08:50
Case 25/skinny Bob 00:27:36 – 00:27:45
Case 26/How to drive 00:55:07 – 00:55:12

So this implies that the “publisher” added the text later.  In the first clip, our weird little alien turns his head back and forth.  In the second, he’s standing still, and blinks a couple times.  In the third, I can’t really discern what that is but I guess it is supposed to be a UFO.  The clips look so comical to me… they appear like caricatures.

But, I am not a video expert.

Digging further into the video, I found it to be originally posted by Judy Fältskog on Youtube, who has posted two other similar videos.  Wait a second… is this the same Judy Fältskog who’s “alter ego” is James van Greunen?  Wait a second… is this the same Judy/James who is a CGI expert?  This might even be the same Judy that got caught up in a Alien signal scam in May of 2010.  To make it even worse, Judy/James is buddies with professional fake Wayne Herschel.  Or maybe they’re all the same person… who the hell knows.  Wayne/James/Judy/Satan is a scam artist that pushes his tripe junk on gullible people.

Too many weird source coincidences in the video source.

But the CGI is what gets to me.  PresidentUFO.com really hooked it up with 3 video break downs from different video experts.  Again, video is not by thing, so I have to defer to the experts here, but he got Leanne Jones (Producer with the British Youth Film Academy), Dave Hughes (BSc Digital Film and 3D Animation), and Richard Allan (Post Production Instructor at Staffordshire University) who all agreed that the video is fake, fake, fake.  The elements they thought REALLY made it fake were:

  • Projector sounds.  They are out of place because the video has the appearances of “footage transferred to video” but the projector sound doesn’t match with this format switch.
  • The model and movement is too clear, smooth, and polished for the alleged age of the video.
  • The alien isn’t moving his body.
  • Any editing software can recreate the effects once the model is created.
  • The text has a drop shadow and smells a little bit like Final Cut Pro default font.
  • The text isn’t military in its voice.  It sounds like “film hype.

Oh, and my last little point… how on God’s Green Earth was this identified as a Zeta Reticula???

So shady CGI work, a ruined source, and crappy dissemination have made this little buzz live and die in the period of a month.  This is the core of the problem with this paranormal community… to many fakes looking to make a name for themselves make skeptics out of people that WANT to believe.

Here’s the video.  Do what you want with it:





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  • experimenttermination

    I sure wonder where you get your information from when the person “Judy” or “Judith Helena Fältskog” who you are refering to is in fact a fictional character made up to assist us in our suggestive psychology experiment.

    Makes me wonder how all the fake documents regarding a non existent person was created and by who.
    Who forged documents and made fake passport copies etc and how much did it cost do that?

    Ever wondered why “Judith Helena Fältskog” never responded to the slander, lies and disinformation or tried to protect herself publically? The reason is simple, why should a fictitious character need to defend itself against anything at all if it does not even exist?

    Ever wondered why you could find no background information about “Judith Helena Fältskog” and that a self styled Michael Hesemann was your only source of faked documentation and why he only presents foto copies and not original documents eg. original passports or original court documents?
    Why can he not present original documents from hospitals, doctors and surgeons to prove that the fictional character had a sex change procedure?
    Why can he not present original letters or documentation from Embassies, consulates or goverments regarding this fictional character?
    Why can he not present original social security numbers, identity numbers or birth certificates of this fictional character?

    The answer is because the all ellusive character called “Judith Helena van Fältskog” is made up, imaginary, fictitious and non-existent and the dear Michael Hesemann would commit a crime by forging a passport, birth certificate or court documents and presenting it as original.

    I am confident to say that you all fell for the bait and the purpose of the original decoy served its purpose. In the same breath I need to add that sadly a non existent character was created and put into this world which you all are trying your best to blame, curse, slander, mock and club over the head.

    Mr Hesemann received his funds and our gratitude for his part played in this wonderfull story.

    Just goes to show you are all too serious and that truth is indeed stranger than fiction!

    We are impressed by our results which will play a big role in our future Advanced Defence Implementation Programs.

    Thank you all for your participation.

    • Chip

      Sounds like one hell of an effort for an experiment. But hey its for science… I guess. In one form or another at last something good came of it. If this is indeed true great piece of work digging it up.

      • experimenttermination

        Dont feel bad, your reaction is predictable and quite normal for someone who desperately needs to believe that this story is true or factual.

        For our believeability assistive technology research we even added the character “Judith helena Fältskog” to a newspaper article from the 1930s, but disappointingly no one seemed to have found that one.

        It would have been interesting to see just how far we could stretch believeability and the human imagination.

        Our human predictability assessment studies shows that every attempt will be made by mostly conspiracy theorists to keep the fictional character alive and real, which means new stories will be invented, published, discussed, built into new conspiracies and keep our fictional character alive and real in the minds of people for the forseeable future.

        The results and insight gained into this experiment is proving to be beyond what we expected and of great value to our future programs.

        I dont think I need to add any further comments to your blog after this and conclude by thanking you and everyone concerned in carrying and distributing this fascinating and exhilarating story.

        • http://realityuncovered.net m0r1arty

          Superb, and as an actual scientific study you have all the usual evidence to back up your claim there abortedexperiment I’m sure.

          You know, that blasted ‘scientific method’ thing which elevated a few of us from pond spawn to useful.

          Controlled experiments with double blinds and all that jazz.

          Also aims, conclusions, citations and all that other claptap which enables you to be alive instead of aborted.

          What about a paper, or even an institute to verify you?

          Funny, nothing at all eh??

          And yet this is going to be used as some sort of Stepford Wives device by some government somewhere and yet you get to go out into the open to discuss it???

          I’ll agree that Judy was delusional, but fictional – courts of law (Another thing up there with that darned scientific method) have found it to be acceptable.

          You know courts, those things which enable governments and well as disable them????

          Ah well, being a vapid abomination of nature with a penchant for deceit due to a lack of belief in their abilities will make children tell tall tales.

          Have you ever thought about going into entertainment??

          ATS is all about that you know, just try not to hoax or provide ‘facts’ – let them have their fun and after a long time – go sell your book/ass/whatever to them.

          Enjoy the upcoming apocalypse I’m sure you’ll be busy planning it!


          PS: Try not to OD over the holidays eh?? You are just too much phun!!

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